Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm working on an envelope job. Here's my set up. Envelope with lining template behind the back flap on the light box. Envelopes are put in the drying rack to dry. The drying rack is a Slinky held by cup hooks on either end of the top shelf of the writing desk. If I'm doing place cards, I use a Slinky Jr. That's the silver thing to the left of the drying envelopes. If I'm applying a death grip to the pen, I hold the squishy elf ball in my right hand (I'm sinister) to help even the pressure. I wear craft gloves (orange Hand-eze) so oils from my hands don't get on the paper.

The bride was looking for something modern and non-traditional. I suggested Weaver Writing by Gwen Weaver. The bride and her mother loved the look. On the lightbox is a botched envelope. After completing the Mr. and Mrs. I put my paw into the ink and made a nasty fly speck. AAARRRRGGGGHHHH I decided to address the envelope to Mr. and Mrs. Heath Barkley as a sample of what I'm playing with.

The envelopes are watermarked Crane, and they are a delight to work on. They are white, unlined and didn't need to be treated with pounce or sprayed with fixative. I'm using Ziller Glossy Black ink with a Gillotte 1068A nib.


  1. pounce? Do you call in Ink for that?

  2. Ah, you spray fix? You're a saint (with bad lungs?) I had one envelope job that I spray-fixed and I swore never again. If the envelopes are icky, it's an automatic monoline job.