Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In

Another week has gone by. Another pound lost. Down five so far. I'm smiling. Jeans haven't got looser yet, but they will in another couple of weeks.

July is birthday month here. The Eldest just celebrated her 20th. last week. Instead of a cake, she asked for Key Lime cupcakes. I found the recipe at Betty but instead of making the filling with whipped cream, I flavored whipped, lite frosting with lime juice. The cupcakes were much easier for portion control for everyone, and I brought a bunch to a friend recovering from surgery so I didn't have to drool over the ones left. You can have you cake and lose weight too. We'll see how I do next week, with another birthday coming up.

How do you handle special occasions and weight loss?


  1. my doctor gave me a strategy once for getting through the holidays...he said it was okay to indulge a little, but don't do it on ordinary, every-day things like potato chips and dip. save the indulgence for those special things you only get once a year... like sweet potato souffle, or pumpkin cheesecake, etc.

  2. Luckily for me, my absolute favorite birthday cake is angel food cake with raspberries... and honestly, I don't need my berries drowning with sugar... add a little lite cool whip and I'm a happy girl...

    You GO girl! I'm proud of you...

    BTW... that cupcake idea alone is a great one.