Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Ott-a

Last night was the museum open house. I had a nice alcove all to myself so I set up the table so I could demonstrate a white vine illuminated letter. Had the letter all sketched and outlined ready to paint. Close at hand, my brushes, paints, water and ,my newest toy, the battery powered Ott lamp so I could see what I was painting. The white vine work is detailed, and the lighting in the education wing hallway wasn't meant for fine work.

Some people watched me paint from a distance. Some brave souls came over to talk to me as I worked. You know what they asked me? No, they didn't ask me what I was teaching or what I was working on. They wanted to know about the Ott lite! LOL What it was, where I got it.

I Ott-a work for the company!

In case you're wonder, the Ott lite is a portable desk lamp. It's white light shows true color without glare. The battery powered light works off of a wall outlet too. An excellent choice for artists and crafters. Lighweight, portable and has a small footprint. Perfect for taking along to workshops. The battery powered light is on sale at Jo-Ann's Fabrics. On line only and free shipping.


  1. I'm glad you found the right product, sorry that's what people asked you about! Looks like a neat light.

  2. maybe you can use it come winter to keep away the blues. :)