Saturday, January 24, 2009


My music of choice is classical though I do love semi-classical music (old time rock and roll) especially Do-wop. I got the idea for this Seven from watching the Inauguration this week as one of my favorite pieces was played during the ceremony. (Number 5)

1. Pachelbel's Canon in D. First heard this piece from Robert Redford's directorial debut Ordinary People. I wanted to have this piece as the processional at my wedding, but the organist thought it was too quiet and he suggested...

2. Trumpet Voluntary (Prince of Denmark's march) by Clarke. The organist was so right.

3. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by Bach

4. Beethoven's Symphony Number 6, The Pastoral. Yup, I was completely charmed by Disney's Fantasia interpretation.

5. Variations on a Shaker theme from Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copeland.

6. Ode to Joy from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

7. Peer Gynt Suites numbers 1 and 2, especially In The Hall of the Mountain King, by Edvard Grieg I used to listen to the suite while studying on the fourth floor of the Mugar Library overlooking the Charles River. I probably spent as much time watching the river as studying. Love that dirty water!

Do you have a favorite song or favorite piece of music?


  1. Mostly these days I listen to Country music, but I love Jesu, and Canon in D.

    But you can't beat Dierks Bentley or Kenny Chesney or Taylor Swift. :)

  2. I like most of those as well, but I would add Cavatina, from the Deer Hunter as one of my favorites. I tend to include instrumental movie soundtracks to classical, as to me, they are a version of today's classical.