Saturday, January 3, 2009


I love widgets, small desktop programs that keep information at your fingertips. Vista has a handy sidebar that keeps widgets neatly in alignment or you can remove them and move them all over the desktop like the moon phase. Seven widgets on my desktop:

1. Moon phase. Because it's cool especially against a night time wallpaper like the current picture of Neuschwanstein. It's helpful to know when there's a full mooon to adequately prepare for the crazies that crawl out of the woodwork. Another nifty feature of this widget, is you can select your area from a list around the world so you can see what the moon will look like in your night sky. I have the moon phase set to Munich as that was the closet city to correspond to Neuschwanstein.

2. A To Do List. Nice not to have bits of paper floating around and satisfying to check off and delete tasks.

3. Date/Time/Countdown with military time. Just to be different

4. Weatherbug so I can worry about the weather

5. Mail Checker. So I instantly know when email hits the mailbox. Mainly for the no school alerts I signed up for with the local tv station.

6. My Agenda for the day so I know where I'm going and what I'm doing, plus where everyone else is going or doing. We're all color coded.

7. A calendar just practical so I don't have to constantly call up Outlook

What's the background picture on your desktop? Do you have any widgets?


  1. My background picture is of Ramsey Falls in Flandrau State Park, and I don't have too many widgets. I put one on the blog for counting down to the ACFW conference each year.

    Love the new blog look. Also love how you can see who has recently visited. Might have to get that widget. That's a cool one. :)

  2. No widgets... Life is cluttered enough. I want nothing to interfere with the view of my boys... How ironic that it's YOU that has Neuschwanstein... (Even though REALLY Herrenchiemsee is a much cooler castle!) and the only German near my home computer is the pile of worksheets and quizzes I just finished and a note of the umlaut keys...