Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 15

All quiet today which was an okay thing as I haven't been feeling well. So I went back to bed this morning. Then wallowed there watching The Devil Wears Prada I got up around noon thirty, luxuriated in my new clean shower and got dressed for the day in comfy sweatpants and sweatshirt.

The hold up for the project is the wall tile. My bad as I've been waffling about what to pick. The contractor saw the coordinating field tile to the decorative tiles. Said they had an unusual wave pattern to the tile. Sounded very pretty. Then came the reality of the price. $10.50 per square foot. An arm, a leg, my first born plus her first born. And the debate about want and can afford and have.

Things are made clear in the light of day. The bathroom is on the south side of the house and gets sunlight a good portion of the day. Today, I saw the glossy, bright, white porcelain toilet against the deep blue of the floor. It was striking in its simplicity.

So I sent a note to the contractor to go back to the original idea of bright white glossy 4 x 4" tiles. No matter how pretty the other tiles. we just cannot justify the expense. After all, this bathroom is in a dollhouse and not the Taj Mahal.

Even though the white of the decorative tiles will not match the white of the field tiles, I think they will provide needed contrast. The blue shells, etc will be the pop of color as well as tie into the floor and I think the whole will point to the mermaid mural. In the end, I may end up with my art nouveau idea. Functional and beautiful at the same time.

There were other emails back and forth to the designer and the contractor. We would like a shower door. Not a necessity but a nicety. The only drawback is space, barely 12" from the toilet to the shower. Not enough room for a swing out or pivot door. The designer found a folding, trackless shower door. I liked the idea of trackless as the tracks are a pain in the ( ! ) to clean. The door is made of Lexan, a material used in race car windshields. Light yet durable. Available in two colors. Amber which I do not want and clear. It was hard to tell from the picture whether the clear was clear or frosted. I want a frosted type glass as this will give some measure of privacy. With only one bathroom in the house, someone else is bound to need to use the bathroom while someone is in the shower. Fact of life.

I called the manufacturer to find out if the material is clear or not. The gentleman I spoke with said it's ridged like corrugated cardboard. This to provide a track for the water to drip down and also to provide the illusion of privacy. Another email to the designer and I was writing her, she sent one to me. She is obtaining a sample of the "glass". She liked the "reeded" glass as she called it. And since the space is small, and no one in our area makes a bifold door this will most likely be the best option.

So a productive and quiet day.


  1. Peace and quiet moments bring these decisions... Glad you took the time for you.

    I admit I had wondered, when looking at the pictures the other day, about the clearance between stool and shower.

  2. It's tight, Nutter, though roomy for us Hobbits (-;

  3. :) S'gonna be beautiful...and you can't go wrong with white. :)