Saturday, February 7, 2009


This week, we began the second remodel of the bathroom. This seven is just some thoughts and stuff that happened during the week.

1. Wednesday morning, the crew arrived at 7:15 am. Why can't construction people begin their work day at a decent hour like bankers?

2. Georgiana D. inspired this next thought. The dilema of the call to nature. When the toilet is removed from the bathroom and is sitting in pieces on the sun room floor, where do you go? The first day, I ran across the street to use my neighbor's bathroom. Then I had to spend time for a quick chat and a cup of tea and the process started all over again.

3. On Thursday morning, the port-o-potty was delivered and placed right smack in the middle of the driveway. Right in the front. Of course, this is not a place where the Little Princess would go. Can't imagine any of the crew would use the facility either considering it was 11 degrees above zero with a 35 mph wind. That would chap yer cheeks. Apparently, having a facility on a building site is required by OSHA. The guys were running on Dunkin'

4. On the first day, I had to move my car to the neighbor's driveway so the dumpster could be delivered. The driveway was covered with a sheet of ice under innocent fluffy snow. I couldn't get any further than a snowbank where I was firmly stuck. While Prissy yelled helpful instructions for me while I spoke in tongues and waved back at her, I called AAA. The towtruck driver winched me out to the street. Too early to pick The Young One up from school, I went to Target. They have a pristine ladies' room. I bought some paper towels too.

5. Wed night/Thurs. morning, we did not have a shower. No big deal for Himself because he could shower at the fitness center at the college. In the movie Witness Kelly McGillis as an Amish widow made taking a sponge bath from a basin look sexy. I decided I don't want to be Amish.

6. No heat in the bathroom reminded me of the cold-water flat in the city where my aunt and grandmother lived when I was a kid. The bathroom was on an outside landing. My grandma speaking in her broken English called the bathroom the buckhowsah (back house). I used to whimper when I had to go when we visited. Contemplating the meaning of life this morning, I found myself whimpering again. It won't stay like this. It won't stay like this.

7. Floor tile in a cobalt blue and white pattern called octagon and dot (4" octagon with a 1" dot) has proven difficult to find. We bought the tile at Lowe's only a year and a half ago. No one carries it. As I pulled into the driveway after picking the Young One up at school, I thought when I said I wanted a cobalt blue and white bathroom, this [see picture above] is not what I had in mind.


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  2. lol... sorry my friend... But having gone for a week without running water this summer, all I can do is giggle.

    After 36 hours without a toilet, I was dancing with joy for a porta-potty. I suspect, even in the cold weather. ;)

    It's all so going to be worth it...

    Then again, I did tell Hans he was going to have to share the back yard if the blue houses didn't arrive soon! For a week I had a flashlight, toilet paper, and a towel with bottled water for hand washing in my passenger seat! (Curfew started at 8pm, so it was just dim enough to need the extra light.)

    This too will pass!

  3. Wow! I see you've been redecorating your blogsite, and it looks great!

    I loved the humour in your post about the bathroom renovation. Here's hoping it all goes smoothly from here on in, and that it's soon done. I reckon once it is then sometime down the track you'll look back at it all and have some great and funny stories to tell.

    All the Best
    From Lee