Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 30

After much shifting, grunting, and dismantling, the washer and dryer are now in their new home, and the bathroom is 99% complete. The shower doors should arrive sometime next week. A new step stool will be an addition to the bathroom, as I can't quite reach the upper buttons on the dryer. It's either get a step stool or all loads are dried on heavy duty as that's about the only button I can reach.


  1. Too bad the doors can't be changed out to blue? Have you asked? *giggle giggle* You could always get one of those pointy things instead of a step stool... Then you could just hit the button. *wink*

    Bring on the final 1 %. Do you all fight over bathroom time? Ink wins, I know!

  2. LOL, you really are a hobbit!

    I'm so happy for you getting this project behind you. (No pun intended...oh ,wait, yeah it is.)