Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Candy Sushi

Since this year I didn't want to tempt myself with bags of Easter candy to fill Easter baskets, I decided to break with tradition (The girls still got a small gift, just not all the candy that usually goes along with it) Found a cute idea for Candy Sushi at the Vons Supermarket website. Both The Eldest and The Young One are enamored of anime, Japanese soap opera type cartoons. I thought I'd surprise them with the sushi on Easter morning.

The surprise was on me as The Young One came by while I was looking at the website and making a list of the ingredients. Easily solved, we decided we would surprise The Eldest. The Young One and I went shopping for the candy, mini donuts and other items. She even found chopsticks to complete the illusion.

We had a fun time making the sushi. I'm not very adept at unrolling the fruit by the roll so some of my sushi looked like fish stuffed inside a trash bag. The Eldest loved the surprise and even recognized our (mostly The Young One's) creations as sushi.


  1. That's about the ONLY kind of pookie food I would eat!