Friday, November 20, 2009

The Friday Five

While at the dentist's office yesterday, the hygienist and I made small talk about the Thanksgiving holiday. She's baking 9 pies for her holiday table. We both agreed turkey is meh, but pie makes the celebration. My five favorite pies are:

1. Cherry, with the lattice crust and bright, red, cherries peeking through so pretty.

2. Apple, a can't go wrong classic especially with a side of vanilla ice cream.

3. Pecan Pie and a dollop of whipped cream

4. Lemon Meringue piled high with fluffy meringue

5. I couldn't decide so a tie between Blueberry and Coconut Custard.

What's your favorite pie?


  1. Oh, mine depends on the season. I like strawberry when those are ripe and fresh in June. Then I like blueberry right after we go blueberry-picking in July. Then peach comes next and sometimes overlaps with blueberry and I can do a mixed pie (with the very little baking I do!). Finally comes apple season here in Michigan, and so I have to make at least one apple pie. During the winter, I will occassionally pull out the blueberries I've frozen and treat myself to a blueberry pie, but it's definitely not as good as when fresh!

  2. I think my favorite is cherry pie, apple pie (I make a delicious one!) and then chocolate cream pie. (Which is actually what I am baking for Thanksgiving).


  3. Pumpkin, strawberry creme, peach...

    I actually don't think I've come across a pie I would say was bad. :)

  4. Pie... yum. My favorite restaurant in town is "Pies and More." The pie is fresh made every day and they typically run out by about noon.

    Won't touch apple unless it's my mom's, as you know. Love Pumpkin. Tis my favorite time of year. I'm bringing the fixin's to Germany to make it for them.

    Cherry, blueberry... Yum. Coconut, banana cream... won't say no. Lemon.. again, I tend to think my mom's is best. (Although I'm not bad.)

    The thing for me? Pie must be home made. The froze pies, especially cream ones, bleh!

    Damn... now I'm craving pie.