Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Tree

December 1. Time to put out the Advent tree. From the time my girlies were little, I had a tiny, Christmas tree with tiny ornaments. Each day, the girls would take turns hanging a little ornament on the tree to countdown to Christmas.

The girls are grown now. The excitement of the little tree with its ornaments has long since worn off though The Young One still indulges me. The little tree gets me in the mood to drag out the Christmas decorations later in the month. I secretly wish the little tree was our Christmas tree. Small, doesn't take up much room. Easily fits on a table. Easily moved. and Easily taken down and put away.

Do you have any pre-holiday traditions?


  1. I'm at a loss for this holiday season. It seems so short as I'm leaving so soon. No idea what I'm going to do. Most of my rituals are school related. I break out the decorations after St. Nick day. I was at a loss for calendars this year. My normal supplier changed brands! Finally found a substitute!

  2. We used to have a life-sized Frankenstein Monster in our studio-- we'd stick a Christmas hat on him for the season. Sadly, we had to get rid of him because the cat kept jumping on him and knocking him over.

    We only have a tiny tree with tiny little ornaments on it on our mantle-- it's fun and easy and doesn't invade the house the way a real tree does.