Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last Minute Wrapping

It's been a hectic two weeks for me with a family problem and I'm woefully behind with holiday preparations. I had a couple of gift cards but needed something to put them in. I was hunting on the Internet for some sort of paper craft stocking or bag. Came across how to make gift bags from envelopes. Very easy to make with items I already had on hand. Envelopes, ribbon, glue. I printed some clip art to decorate the front of the bags. "Didn't they turn out cute?" she asked shamelessly fishing for compliments.


  1. I'll bite, CJ. Those bags really are cute! Are you sure they are made out of envelopes? Must be big ones.

  2. Yup, made from left over red envelopes I had hanging around. The size was small 4.25 x 5 .5"