Wednesday, December 9, 2009


In case some of you can't get enough of snowflakes, you can make your own at Make-A-Flake All the fun of making paper snowflakes without the mess of paper schnibbles.
The Young One drew a name from the cowboy hat. And the winner of the Ornament Giveaway is....
Congratulations, Linda! And a thank you to all who played.
Linda, please email me and we can get the particulars down.
Today turned out to be a snow day for the Young One. We're happy dancing! Do you like snow? Snow days? Do you do anything special to celebrate?


  1. I'm shooting for Christmas card completion and the pile of quizzes I brought home, as well as some house cleaning on our snow day.

    I usually sneak out, but on this day, seeing how nasty it is outside, I think not. I was supposed to speak at Rotary at noon, I hope it gets canceled as well.

  2. Yeah, our news is showing you got hammered. Stay in safe and sound.

  3. Thanks CJ! That is so exciting!

    We got 11 inches of snow overnight with 2-4 more by noon they say and it is blowing like crazy.

    It's kind of making me feel like baking, but we'll see.

    Snow days are always days to play games with my son.

  4. And the snowflake making place is cool! Thanks for sharing it!