Friday, December 4, 2009

The Friday Five

I'm a grinch and the first to admit it. This time of the year can see me at my grinchiest. Five things about the holiday season, I could do without.

1. Why do some of the radio stations (e.g. Oldies 103) insist on playing Christmas music a week after Halloween? Geeze, Louise, at least wait until Thanksgiving is over and done with.

2. In the same vein, why do stores have to put up their Christmas decorations before Halloween is over? I was buying Halloween candy the day before Halloween, and Target managers were filling up the seasonal aisle with Christmas trees and lights. Hello? How about putting out the cornucopias, Indian corn, and pumpkins first?

3. Then there's the hoopla about Black Friday. I know some people adore the thrill of the hunt. But I can't possibly think of anything I want or need badly enough to camp out in front of a store Thanksgiving night so I can be first in line. That goes for getting up in the middle of the night to be ready for the dawn deal breakers. Thanks, but no thanks. You go have fun and tell me all about it. I'm going to wallow in bed.

4. This might be a hot button. Why do I have to be politically correct and wish you Season's Greetings or Happy Holidays? Why can't I say Merry Christmas? I celebrate Christmas. Why can't you accept my Merry Christmas greeting in the good spirit it is given? If you don't celebrate Christmas, can't you just smile politely and move on? I wouldn't be offended to be wished Happy Chanuka, Happy Kwanza, Blessed Be or any other holiday well wishes. I would smile politely. Thank you for including me in the joy of your celebration.

5. Another pet peeve, and possibly another hot button topic, is being asked what I want for Christmas. This also extends to asking me what my family members want. You know what Himself and I want? College tuition payments. You know what my girls need? College tuition payments. Truthfully, beyond the age of 10, I think gift giving should be dropped. It just seems to get so out of hand. The pressure to buy the perftect gift. The expense. The worry you will be underwhelmed with my gift. Seems we've lost the real meaning of the season. How about we get together and share each other's company over a cup of tea or hot chocolate? How about you make a donation to your favorite charity, school, or worthy cause and I'll make a donation to mine?

I warned you I was a grinch. What about you? Are you a grinch? Are there things about this season that bother you?

By the way, Merry Thanksgivoween to you and yours.


  1. I wouldn't call you a grinch, CJ! But I had to laugh at your five. I was one of the ones listening to 103.3 right after Halloween just because I love Christmas music! And you know I love Black Friday and get up at the crack of dawn to shop. I think what I mostly love about it is that I go with family and get great sales and have a great time. But I don't camp out though! I do struggle with what to get people that I see only a few times a year or the elderly person that doesn't need anything. I would also love college tuition paid or maybe paid insurance on my son's car. (He just got his license!) Maybe a day of peace and quiet and no Hoss! (as I am writing this, three little ones are fighting and yelling.) A cup of tea or coffee with you would be high on my list too!


  2. Yup, that was pretty grinchy! LOL

    I blogged some of these things myself today.

    One of the ones I didn't blog about was how far the gift-giving circle is widened, and how hard it is to draw those boundaries back in. Gifts for the second cousin of the sister of the guy you used to date? Please!

  3. Jo-Ann, we'll have to try to get away. Have lunch while looking at Heath's chaps. Maybe during the Christmas break if you aren't wrangling little people.

    The gift giving and length of the list is what causes me most stress, Erica. If I had Auntie Rose's income, I could afford to include the second cousing of the sister of the guy I used to date. (-;

  4. I don't get grinchy about CHRISTMAS, but some of the stuff you mentioned can make a person grimace. My biggest peeve you mentioned is the whole happy holidays thing.

    At our house we celebrate Christmas, our anniversary and both our sons birthdays in about 3 1/2 weeks. Lots of love flying around, and wrapping paper.

    One trouble spot though was trying to explain to our January son why the tree couldn't stay up until his birthday even though it was up for the little bro's birthday (Dec 31).

  5. Oh no, ugly sibling rivalry, Linda. I suppose Big Brother's birthday was well past 3 King's Day?

  6. Yeah, Jan 19, a little too far out to leave the tree up.

  7. Lights went up and on quite early around here too.

    You're green alright.

    I didn't camp out and I will draw the line, but my papa and I did get up and hit the stores. I walked away with a $250 for $129. And a $700 laptop for $450. (course, that wasn't planned and was at 10am)

    Black Friday is more about the fun of the people you're with... and the quality time with my papa. Trust me, we spent time in the tool dept at sears. I don't do that for every one! And he made me breakfast after... It's not the deals.. It's the people.

    Ya know, no one forces you to acknowledge the holiday before you are ready. Is there only one station? :D (Crud, there probably is.)

    I like the music.