Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm A Crayon

Found this fun quiz on author, Georgiana Daniels' page. What Kind of Childhood Toy Are You? I don't put a lot of stock in these quizzes. They're just happy little time wasters, but the answer I got and the answer Georgiana got are dead on for our professions. I did spend a lot of my time as a kid drawing and coloring.

Coincidence? Why don't you take the quiz. Does your answer fit you?

You Are Crayons

You've always had a creative, artistic streak - even when you were a kid.
You were the type of child who could spend hours with a box of crayons or markers.

Even now as an adult, colors and design matter to you. You are probably very fashionable and stylish.
Maybe you even dabble in the arts from time to time. You certainly still have the talent.


  1. Fashionable and stlylish? Nope. More like relaxed and comfortable in terms of clothing.

  2. LOL! You did it :D It's funny how these quizzes can sometimes be so right on. How cool to be a crayon! I'm a plain ol' kite.

  3. You Are a Doll
    You've always been a nurturing person, even when you were too young to nurture anyone else.
    You tend to be very socially oriented. Other people matter to you, and you are very compassionate.

    You are naturally intuitive and understanding. You love people for who they are.
    It makes you feel valued to be needed. You like have others depending on you, and you're always happy to lend a hand.

    That sounds really nice, doesn't it? Wish I were really more like that.

  4. I was a doll too. Hmmm...