Friday, January 22, 2010

The Friday Five

Five amazing things you might see if you look up.

1. Rainbows. Sometimes you see them when most unexpected. Like driving The Young One home from school and a very faint rainbow bar can be seen on the clouds. Once while flying, I looked down on the clouds and there was a perfect rainbow circle. So cool! The photograph was taken by The Young One in 2006

2. Geese. In an impossibly brilliant, blue autumn sky, they write a sharp "V" as they fly in perfect formation. I like their honking too whether they are encouraging each other or yelling at the leader to stop and ask for directions.

3. As a kid life didn't get much better than lying in the grass trying to see pictures in the clouds. There's a boat! There's a shoe! My girlies enjoy this too. Sometimes we search the clouds while driving. There's an elephant! There's a cat! There's a truck right in front of us!!!

4. The moon causes endless fascination especially when it's full. How awesome the full harvest moon looks when first rising. Huge and luminous. Even if it's enormous size is due to parallax view, it's still a cool sight. When I was young Himself's father taught us how to tell the weather by looking at the moon. A halo around a full moon during winter meant snow. Depending how a crescent moon was tipped, it meant it might rain, if the "bowl" couldn't hold water.

5. Sirius. The dog star. Seen just below and to the left of the constellation Orion. It's the brightest star in the night sky. During the winter months because of reflection and refraction, it almost looks like the Christmas star seen on cards. I just learned Sirius is actually two stars, one of the pair is a dwarf star. Pretty cool.

Are there things that capture your imagination if you look up?


  1. Rainbows really are cool. Geese--well, when I used to go door to door, guard geese came a-honkin' and scared me off! Speaking of looking up, I do wish I'd taken an astronomy class in college.

  2. You have a good list. Have you ever tried laying out in the grass like you were looking at the clouds, but really looked into a big tree. That's pretty cool too. Or looking up at the redwoods, I need to be sitting down, it makes me dizzy.

  3. When I was a kid I liked to lay on my bed and look at the textured ceiling and find pictures and images in the loops and whorls.