Friday, February 12, 2010

The Friday Five

Tuesday night school was cancelled at 9:30 pm in anticipation of the second snow storm that had paralyzed the mid-Atlantic states. Our Nor'easter turned out to be a No'easter. Didn't stop us from celebrating a no school day and not being buried in snow. Five things I did on our snow day:

1. Wednesday night I unplugged the alarm clock. We slept in until 7am! Usually we're up at 5:30am as The Young One leaves for school at quarter to 7am

2. Himself and I watched The Mark of Zorro with Tyrone Power as Don Diego/Zorro and Basil Rathbone as Esteban. Good, old-fashioned, movie fun: action, suspense, with a little romance along the way. I especially love the fencing scenes. Rathbone is poetry in motion.

3. I took a nap.

4. Ate a bag of M & M's with Himself while watching

5. Ghostbusters. Inane fun. Heard talks are underway for a 3rd sequel with Bill Murray reprising his role as Dr. Peter Vinkman, only he wants to play Vinkman as a ghost.

Oh, and we all watched No Exit a second season episode of Supernatural. The Young One is recording all the eps. Iowa got her hooked on the show. Tried to get me hooked, but I didn't like watching the eps on the laptop. CW56 started showing the eps from the first season. I'm happy to enjoy the program with The Young One.

If you are fortunate enough to get an unexpected day off, how do you spend it?


  1. When we get a snow day, my son and I like to fill the day playing games.

  2. I'm with you--Nap, Nap, Nap! Then indulge myself with a bit of reading. And of course there must be cocoa.

  3. Isn't Iowa awesome? Da' boys rule.