Friday, February 5, 2010

The Friday Five

This week, I ran into some browser not responding nags. Five browsers I've used and my thoughts about them.

1. Internet Explorer 8. IE, the one your computer comes with if you have a PC. The one I always indicate as the default browser even if it's slower loading than others. My computer doesn't seem to play nicely unless IE is the default browser. A program like Swiss cheese full of security holes. And even though I have the latest version, some sites nag me the site will run better if I download IE8. Some webpages built with Microsoft's Publisher, don't display any other links except the home page.  IE is a Microsoft product! A nifty Yahoo toolbar interfaces quite nicely. I can get to a lot my preferred sites by adding an icon to the toolbar. For some unknown reason, the copy/paste feature doesn't work in Blogger so I go to

2.  Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Loads quicker than IE and supposedly is a more stable browser. Until this week, when it kept hanging and then I would get a not responding nag.  Copy/paste worked nicely in Blogger. Cool skins to perk up the look. Fun add ons like Wise Stamp which allows me to customize a personal and business signature for use in my Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts. Sometimes got extra line spacing when adding a picture to a Blogger post. When downloading files have to go through a download screen that keeps track of things you've downloaded until you clear the download list. I find it an extra unnecessary step.

3. Chrome, Google's contribution to the browser hit parade. No toolbar interface. Meh.

4. Safari, Apple browser. Has a window which shows tiles of the top sites you visit. It's supposed to learn your top sites as you browse. It hasn't learned mine yet. Only allows you to delete a site or make it a permanent top site. Can't add a site. Has a nice looking compass as it's desktop icon. Reminds me of the old Netscape Navigator. Meh.

5. Opera 10.10. Has a speed dial window which you can customize. You can add all your favorite sites  and you can see them in one place.  Copy/paste available in Blogger and also works with the Wise Stamp signature. I like the clean look of Opera and the Speed Dial feature. I also like how easy it is to customize. Downside is I can't access my alternate Yahoo email address.

I wish there was one browser to bind them all.

What browser do you use?

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  1. I use Explorer but my kids swear by Mozilla..whatever...I know nothing about his kind of stuff! :)