Friday, March 5, 2010

The Friday Five

By Twitter Buttons

I don't move fast in the morning. I like a leisurely pace to ease into my day. Not always possible when you're the shuttle pilot for kids going to school or driving Miss Daisy. Since Himself is on sabbatical this semester, and he gets up early enough to milk the chickens, The Little Princess can putter. Five things I do to start my day.

1. Boot up the computer.

2. While the computer is booting, I nuke a cup of tea, get The Young One up for school, see if there's things for lunch or dole out lunch money.

3. Back at the computer with cup of tea in hand, I go online to check the bank accounts.

4. Then a cruise by Twitter and Facebook because these sites enable the nosy (-;

5. While sipping tea, I like to read the blogs on my blog roll.

What's your morning routine like?


  1. My mornings usually start with hubby making breakfast for all of us. Son and hubby leave for the day. I clean up the kitchen, take a shower, read my Bible, and then start up the computer and the rest of my day goes on from there.

  2. get up, get dressed, get kids started on chores and school, check email/blogs, turn around and wonder what happened to the day...

  3. snooze button, snooze button, snooze button, pray, let Lena out, plop on the couch and fire up the laptop, check in on emails and FB*, let Lena in, eat breakfast, make tea for thermos, get ready, get Lena ready, let Lena out and wait for her decision on her location for the day... go to school.

    *time varies and can create a rushed morning! ;)