Monday, March 22, 2010

Work In Progress

Here's my rough draft. Can you find the mistake? What? You thought letters flowed from my pen in perfect form every time I sat down to work? I wish. Rarely, does a piece turn out on the first go. At least for me. Either I make a mistake (put my hand in the ink and smear the writing or spell a word incorrectly) or I'm just not happy with how it turned out and know I can do better. I may re-do a piece several times before everything falls into place, much like writing and editing a novel.

This piece won't go to waste. The back is still good. The paper will be cut up into small pieces to use as ATCs (2 " x 3" cards to be traded) or the 2 3/4" squares for the project A Letter A Week in 2010.


  1. Aww....the thought of cutting it up is not fun! I think it would break a chunk of my heart off to have to start all the way over on a project. You must have a lot of patience!

  2. I'm really amazed at what you do. That is beautiful - mistakes and all.

  3. It's going to be so beautiful when you're finished.

    You're on your way to Calligrapher's Carnegie Hall.

  4. Oh, Bummer! But I suppose rough drafts in art are the same way as rough drafts in writing! Always needing to be tweaked.