Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Work In Progress

With the size and layout determined, time to think about the illustration for the inside of the circle. Taken from the book How to Draw Dragons and Other Mythical Creatures by Emmett Elvin, is my rough of his sleeping dragon. Still needs some work. I want the eye to look sleepy and half opened. At least this dragon isn't smiling. Color choices still remain. Most likely I will work in the traditional red, blue, green.

How's your work in progress coming along? What decisions are you making?


  1. That's really neat! I'm excited to see the final picture. It's exciting for a total stick-figure-draw-er to see art come to life.

  2. Georgiana, I agree. I am all about the stick people when I draw. :)

    I'm editing and chopping things out and changing things and adding visceral and emotional reactions at the moment. :)