Thursday, April 1, 2010


The Eldest took a trip to Rome with her college as part of their "Capitols Around The World" program. Each year during Spring break, a group travels to a different world capitol. Last weekend, she came home from school and told us all about her trip (though each day while she was on the trip, I received an email from her a combination of homesickness and excitement) so I got a sneak peek.

She had a window seat on the flight out, but had a hard time sleeping on the plane. She was rewarded by a view of the sun rising over the Alps. Like her mother would have done, she didn't have her camera ready. Also like her mother, she took few pictures on the trip. Too busy looking around or photos weren't allowed or more often she forgot to charge the camera.

Lots of cute guys all over the city like the young barista who served her an espresso. He also gave her some chocolate coated espresso beans.

While visiting the Trevi fountain, they saw a young couple in one of the niches making out. The crowd around the fountain was so thick, she couldn't get close enough to toss in a coin.

She didn't get a good view of Trajan's Column and couldn't see the inscription. Oh well, next trip.

She had gelato every day. One favorite flavor was blue with colored star shaped sprinkles called Stella di Cielo. Stars of Heaven. She said it tasted like cake frosting.

Walking on cobblestones even in comfortable shoes eventually hurts your feet.

Roman drivers drive like maniacs and are worse than drivers from Boston. Rather than risk their lives to taxicabs, the group walked to all the attractions when they weren't on their tour.

She didn't have to wear a head covering when she went to visit the Vatican. Made Himself and I wonder what the Church is coming to. (-; She also saw some very attractive Swiss Guard in their colorful uniforms. From the Vatican Museum, she brought back a decorative plate for me. The Angel with Lute by Melozza da Forli. She also grudgingly admitted the Fine Art appreciation class she was required to take came in handy when visiting the museums and seeing all the architecture.

She had a four hour bus ride to Florence where they saw Michelangelo's David. The girls thought he was more impressive from the back. She also brought back a miniature red mask for The Young One. Red is The Young One's favorite color. The Eldest bought a beautiful turquoise scarf for herself and a necklace. She was also impressed with seeing "The Prisoners", Michelangelo's unfinished sculptures.

Another side trip was to Assisi. She couldn't imagine living there and walking up the steep hills every day. She was impressed with the Basilica of St. Francis which she said looked like a wedding cake with three churches built on top of each other. The group also toured a vineyard and were treated to a wine tasting and olive oil tasting. Hard to believe my baby is legally old enough to drink wine. She brought back a bottle of white wine for me and a bottle of olive oil for Himself.

I had been nervous about her going on this trip, after all she's still my baby. Less nervous by her thoughtfulness to spend a Euro each day to rent an hour of time on the hotel lobby computer to send me an email. It was fun to vicariously share her trip. To see her horizons expand and the world through her eyes.

Have you traveled to Rome?


  1. Unfortunately, no, but I would love to go. My cousin and his family are missionaries in Rome, and I love hearing about their lives there.

  2. Having a child overseas would totally freak me out! I'm sure you handled it with more decorum than I ;) Sounds like a fantastic trip.

  3. What a great description of her trip! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. (lol... You broke every parenting rule on my trips!)

    Ah, Italy... the only other European country I'd move too. I agree, David's butt is a fine specimen... She only saw one couple making out? Cobblestone is an evil necessity, this is why I won't allow the darn flipflops even though the girls don't believe me.

    See ma, you have to cut those strings and let the girl fly~ See how much fun shoving her from the nest is! ;)

  5. I've never been to Rome, or anywhere out of the country...yet.

    The plate is beautiful!