Friday, April 30, 2010

The Friday Five

Coffee drinkers in search for the perfect cup, won't find their brew here. This week's five: favorite tea flavors.

I'm a tea drinker from way back. I remember having my first cup of tea at my Auntie's house. The tea was more milk and hot water than tea, but at 10 years old I felt very grown up. The tea ritual is not so much in the sipping, but in the sharing gossip, problems, advice, and laughs.

I've tried flavors of loose tea, but since I'm the only one around here who drinks tea, loose tea seems such a waste of time to brew for one cup. Easier to plop a bag in a cup of water and nuke it. I average 4 cups of tea per day. 

1. Tetley, the brew of choice for every day. I find it to be robust especially if steeped longer than 4 min. which I've been known to do.

2. Celestial Seasoning's Morning Thunder. Sometimes called Gunpowder tea. Very potent.All the fun of coffee without the jitters.  As I recall there was  a picture of a bull on the front of the box. This was my morning blend when I worked at Marquette Cement a zillion years ago. Haven't seen this tea on the shelves in a very long time.

3. Twinings Earl Grey. Love the smell of the bergamot.

4. Twinings French Vanilla. Good for a comfort cup. A good substitute is a Splenda Vanilla for coffee packet in a cup of good ol' Tetley.  I find myself reaching for this more and more especially in the morning.

5. Chai.  The Young One enjoys this too. The only tea she will drink. For a special treat we'll stop at Barnes and Noble. At home, we drink Tazo Organic Chai, a gift from The Eldest.

Oh, and I have to add one tea flavor I really detest, Sweet Tea. Gag.

Are you a tea drinker? Do you have a favorite flavor or blend?


  1. blue berry... I'm a simple, decaf girl.

  2. I am a tea drinker...Earl Grey is the favorite, though I'm currently enjoying Black Thai Lattes at Caribou...

  3. Yes camomile! I love herbal teas with no caffine. I also take my coffee unleaded. ;)