Friday, May 7, 2010

The Friday Five

Baseball season is in full swing. Wally the Green Monster and Old Heath have set top box seats to enjoy the game. Sometimes, Wally is called upon to start a rally when the team needs extra encouragement. Wally will stand on his head. Himself is the real fan though I get more amusement from listening to the sounds from the sun room. Five things I hear while Himself is watching the game:

1. "Hi, I'm Don Orsillo. Welcome to Red Sox baseball."  (announcer for Red Sox home games)

2. Argh (Himself when his team makes an error)

3. "Tide gets and save..." (tv as Himself flips through channels while the game is in commercial)

4. Ugh (grunted by Himself when the team makes a stupid play or is losing. Himself sounds a lot like  Lurch, the butler from the old tv show, The Addams Family

5. Nbr. 4 above is usually closely followed by Himself saying, "They're killin' me!"

Are you a sports fan? Do you yell at the tv to help your team along?


  1. Yep, total sports fan...and I've been known to give a encouragement when needed. :)

  2. Funny. My husband is a sports fan - especially University of Oklahoma football.

  3. Those are funny. Just a football fan myself. But I enjoy watching hubby watch golf, good nap time.

  4. I scare the dog into thinking it's time to play...(Have to distract me) but typically not over baseball unless it's playoffs. The season is TOO long to invest that much emotion.