Friday, November 26, 2010

The Friday Five

Four things I won't be doing today. One thing I will be doing.

1.  I won't be getting up at the crack of dawn. Not if I can help it. Himself is an early riser getting up between 4am and 4:30am.  I usually try to roll over while he goes out to milk the chickens or whatever he does at that ungodly hour.

2. I won't be out and about at the malls looking for those Black Friday deals. I'll leave the thrill of the hunt to the experts, BVMom and her sister. I may get a jump on Black Monday point and click shopping.

3. I won't be driving. Anywhere. Not here. Not there. Not in a car.

4. I won't be cooking. When someone asks, "What's for lunch?" I'll reply, "Pretend I'm dead." Same reply to dinner question too.

5. What I will be spending a good portion of the day on will be figuring out why the smartphone no longer syncs properly. The calendar syncs, but not the contacts and why my administrator settings crashed and burned. Thank Gawd the data is backed up all over the place.

What are you doing today?


  1. I'm going to write and then go to my in-laws house for a visit. :)

  2. hunker down, maybe point and click shop, watch a Criminal Minds marathon. :)

  3. Computer time and a Firefly marathon today. Great to have a downtime kind of day.

  4. On our way into the city later today to see Billy Connolly perform tonight. It always seems to take the whole day to get ready to make the trek into the city...

    There's a Black Monday too?! I was supposed to go to Seattle with a friend on Monday. Should we be avoiding the US altogether?

  5. I'm with you! There's no way I would have ventured out to shop on Black Friday. Too many years in retail! Plus I'm a recluse and I loathe crowds.