Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mugs, Thugs, and Lugs

This exercise was a combination of Labs 16 and 22: Draw 100 Faces and Modigliani Parent Portraits. My original idea was to do a yearbook spread. At first, the 70 spaces seemed daunting. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to draw different faces. A couple of silly faces dropped out of my pencil, and then I just started having too much fun. The spread was completed in five or six days. I suppose I should put a disclaimer that any resemblance to real or imaginary persons is purely coincidental. cough, cough Pigma pen, watercolor pencils.

I was going to ask do you recognize anyone, but then thought of the time I was making a torn paper collage of lilacs for a wedding. The Young One was four years old at the time and as she walked by I asked her "What does this look like?" I expected "flowers" and instead she said "Gwapes." She turned out to be correct as the lilacs were decidedly more grape shaped and needed more tweaking. So, I'll just ask: What's been keeping you busy today?


  1. I LOVE IT! The cat, the alien, the kid blowing the bubble. You are amazingly inventive. Totally cool project! I think I could come to your house and spend days enjoying your art.

  2. Weather's getting a little warmer. Come on over and we can play in the sun room.

  3. Love it!!

    I recognized some of the face. :)

    And I found myself on the top row. :D