Friday, June 10, 2011

The Friday Five

Not long ago, I LinkedIn with a friend from high school. Dropped her a note, told her who I was. She wrote back calling me by a nickname I had in high school. Made me laugh because I haven't gone by that name in a very long time.  (Just noticed the date. I graduated this day 38 years ago) Five nicknames:

1. I was called Bones in high school. I had a major crush on DeForest Kelley who played Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the tv series, Star Trek. I also wanted to be a doctor.

2. My best friend from grade school called me, De. That was a play on De Kelley's name and the last syllable of:

3. Cindie. The lady I babysat for called me this and spelled the name this way. When I went to public school, the teachers began calling me this so spelled it with the ie ending. The nuns never used nicknames and neither did my parents.

4. When I was 25, I gave a drawing to my best friend signed with my initials. She started calling me CJ and I've used the name since then.

5. Ceej. My boss at the food brokerage where I worked gave me this moniker. Would stick his head out of his office down the hall and holler: Ceej, where are Simplots potatoes?

My brother had other colorful names for me.

Did you have a nickname or do you go by a nickname now?

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