Saturday, January 21, 2012

Toosl, Gadgets, and Widgets - iPad 2

One of the tools I'm relying on for day to day use is the iPad2. When we first got it, I thought it was going to be more or less a toy, but it's turned out to be so much more.

The calendar feature syncs with my iPhone so I no longer have to connect to the computer to make sure the calendar is in both places. And, if I'm at the computer, I can view the calendar in The Cloud, a sort of virtual desktop accessible by all the devices. The calendar can also be shared so now Himself can look to see what's going on if the Wizards decide to go out without calling me to ask if there's something planned.

There are tons of apps to download. I'm a huge list maker and there are several list apps. Again, I can make the lists on one device, and they are updated to the other. I usually make my lists on the iPad since my sausage fingers prefer the larger key pad. This feature came in handy while attending a meeting. I had made a list of topics I wanted to discuss, and I was easily able to go down my list. 

The portability of the device is one of the best features. I've downloaded some mixed media tutorials. I can access while I'm at the drafting table without running back and forth to the computer. Handy for looking up recipes while in the kitchen, too. I can check social media sites from the sun room, or can launch angry birds at smarmy pigs while watching TV. The tablet is lighter and smaller than a laptop and no mouse to deal with. Just a swipe of the finger turns pages, launches birds, or crosses items of a list.

The iPad has an app to access Nook and Kindle books. We have a Nook Color that we shared between us as we tend to read the same books. If Himself wants to read something on the Nook, I can read something else on the iPad.

I haven't given up the computer just yet. It's still an important device. I still prefer to blog from the computer as the blog features are a bit buggy on the iPad. If I have a long email to send out, I prefer the computer keyboard to the tablet keyboard as the tablet keyboard isn't set up as a true QWERTY. I type faster on a traditional keyboard. Old dogs and new tricks.

Do you have a tablet? What applications do you use it for?


  1. I felt exactly the same about my ipad, thought it was just a gimmick..but boy was I wrong, I use it loads. Still searching for more apps though, your mixed media one sounds good, I'll keep searching.

  2. I can’t bring myself to buy another device that connects me to the rest of the world! I think my reluctance comes from being so ‘connected’ when I was working. If you didn’t have a headset with a thirty foot cord stuck on your head you had a beeper with you at all times. There was no escape. LOL