Friday, February 24, 2012

The Friday Five

While poking through my dad's papers, I found this picture from The Boston Daily Globe dated Friday, January 22, 1943. Five things that were reported in the paper:

1. Range oil arrives at East Boston and the dealer is immediately swamped with holders of five-gallon cans. The big guy in line wearing a cap, second from the left, is my Uncle Mario (Dad's kid brother). He was built like a refrigerator with a head and had hands the size of hams. He was big and gruff, but had a heart of gold. He reminded of me of The Duke, John Wayne.

2. 507 British seamen, including 68 officers were lost in the torpedo sinking of the aircraft carrier, Avenger

3. A seriously ill Senator MacDonald was administered the oath of office in his bed at his home by Governor Saltonstall. Governor Saltonstall said it was the first time in the history of the Commonwealth the oath of office had been administered in this fashion.

4.  Samuel Pinanski was elected treasurer to replace Maj. Forrester A. Clark who was serving in the armed forces. This is from the back of the photograph so the article has been cut. Have no idea what organization Mr. Pinanski was elected treasurer of.

5. Jordan Marsh Great Basement was having its 92nd Birthday Sale

I love finding these bits of history. Are you a history buff?


  1. I love this kind of stuff. OLD TYME STUFFE Auctions occasionally has stacks of local newspapers in their offerings.

  2. Confirmed history geek here. Love the picture. :)

  3. History geek here too. But I like the weird little things that nobody else seems to care about.