Thursday, March 8, 2012


The second Strathmore workshop on watercolor began last week. One of the assignments was to do a watercolor sketch in your journal. I had no clue what to paint until some friends and colleagues were having a discussion about dandelions. One point of view was dandelions were weeds and needed to be eradicated. Another was dandelions are misunderstood. They bring needed nutrients to the soil, can be made into wine, and the greens eaten.

I've always loved dandelions. I'm not much of a gardener, but can grow bumper crops of yellow blooms. One thing I miss, now that my girlies are young women, is chubby fists clutching bouquets of sunshine.

What's your take on dandelions?

Watercolor, Pigma pen


  1. Since we're on the cusp of the annual Vetsch infestation of dandelions, I'm going to go with soil-nurturing bouquets of sunshine. :D

  2. 'chubby fists clutching bouquets of sunshine.' I just love your alliteration! It’s the perfect sentence that paints the perfect mental picture. I like dandelions but I seem to be in the minority.