Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Found My Muse

Actually, I found three. Lurking in a basement curio cabinet  were three bisque statues in a classical style. Like the three Wyrd Sisters. A little out of place with Ma's other pretties, still I liked them. One still had the original price tag of 69 cents from J. M. Fields (barely a step up from the Five and Ten Cent store.) The statues must have been a Ma-gift The Brother or I bought with our allowance (we each got 50 cents a week)

One of the goddesses suffered a horrific accident. She had been decapitated and then had her head glued back on. Her loss must have happened within the past ten years or so as her head was glued on with Gorilla glue. Dad swore by that stuff. Where others might have used duct tape, Dad used Gorilla glue. A lot of Gorilla glue. The poor lady had Gorilla ring around the neck.

The second goddess must have been a relation of Sasquatch as her feet are grossly out of proportion to her body.

The third statue was perfect though a trifle dirty. She went into the dishwasher utensil rack with a load run on the china setting without a dry cycle. Somewhere between wash and rinse, she must have gone back to Olympus as she was no where to be found when I unloaded the dishwasher. Himself said the bisque was actually a plastic. Note to self: the wash water must get heated up to the lava setting.

I now had my muse choice between Marie Antoinette or Clementine. Except when I went to retrieve Clementine, her head was hanging by a thread of dried, Elmer's Glue. Her procedure must have been done by Ma or possibly The Brother. Both are notoriously neat.

I debated whether I should leave her head off a la Wednesday Addam's doll or to glue her head back on. Decided with her enormous feet, she needed all the help she could get. Except my bottle of Gorilla glue was stone clogged. I grabbed the tub of Yes! Paste.

Voil√°, Clementine, muse of artist who have lost their minds.


  1. You could've left the head off a la the Winged Victory of Samothrace :D

  2. Maybe I'll knock the head off Marie Antoinette. The Gorilla glue around the collar looks nasty

  3. I'd still be wondering where number three went! (Not even a glob in the bottom of the dishwasher?) Spooky!

  4. Not even a glob in the bottom of the dishwasher, Robin. She just vanished.