Monday, August 27, 2012

Sending SMS via Email

Ever need to reach someone with a message, but they aren't near their computer, and you don't have reliable cellphone service? Happened to me on Friday when The Young One had a question about when and who was going to pick her up from school. She can't always get a cellphone signal while she's on campus. She had tried to ping me from her laptop via Skype, but surprise! I'm not always at the computer. What does one do?

You can send an email as a text message to a cellphone. All you need to know is the cellphone number and carrier of the person you are trying to reach. For example, to send an email message to a Verizon cellphone, enter the 10 digit phone in the To: field of the email client. Compose the rest of the email as usual. Press send. The email is converted to a text message and sent to the mobile phone. You can get a list of the correct format for different carriers at TechnoTarget 


  1. Thanks to The Young One who taught this old dog a new trick