Monday, April 22, 2013

A Glimpse of the Grail

For months I have been trying to piece all the bits and pieces as I trace my genealogy. For quite awhile I've been at a road block finding information about my mother's parents and a family member I thought might be my (maternal) grandfather's cousin. I'd seen both names on a 1910 census. Pasquale Scrima and my grandfather, Domenico Riccio listed as boarders. On the 1920 census, I found they lived two doors away from each other with their families. I had a gut feeling they were somehow related, but no proof. Until yesterday.

While searching the records at, I found a NY Passenger list for the Ship Regina D'Italia. It arrived in NY on 16. May 1914. My grandfather was listed as a passenger, but more exciting there was also a notation of where my grandfather was going and who he would be staying with. He was heading to Boston.  Pasquale Scrima was listed as brother-in-law. Patsey, as he was called, had a wife, Maria. Maria is my grandfather's sister! My great aunt! Until now, I had no clue my grandfather had siblings.With this little tidbit of information, I feel as if I've glimpsed the Grail!

And this all lines up with the story my mother told me of how her parents met. But that's a blog post for another day.