Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Spied

This apple is not a Honey Crisp. Just a generic image
 I got from
with my little eye, an apple while I was at Target. This wasn't an ordinary apple. This was a Honey Crisp apple. THE premiere apple my Minnesota friend raves about (the apple was cultivated at the University of Minnesota.)

I've never had this variety of apple before. It certainly was a pretty looking apple. It was round in shape like a McIntosh apple and had a bright red color. And shiny! I have never seen such a gloss on an apple before. Like Snow White, I was enticed to take the apple even at the ridiculously expensive price of 99 cents each! Perhaps, next time, I should wait for the Fall when apples are plentiful and not rare.

The apple had the texture of a McIntosh apple. Its taste hinted at a Delicious apple which I am not fond of. I prefer tart apples like McIntosh or my favorite, Granny Smith. Still it wasn't a bad apple with its pleasant, sweet taste and crunchy texture. Score: 3 out of 5 stars.

What's your favorite apple variety?


  1. Honeycrisps are the apple for my family too. I suppose that is no big surprise. Try one again in the fall when they are fresh. And make sure it is from Minnesota and not Washington, there really is difference, something about the cold weather and the trees.

  2. All time fav, organic GALA! Yum!

  3. Hey Snow White:), I like tart apples too.

  4. Wait until the fall, Honey Crisp apples are delicious!


  5. I love HoneyCrisps, especially the ones right out of the orchard in September.

    My next favorite is Granny Smith. I like the ones that bite back. :0)