Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Very, Very, Very Fine House

A couple of times a month, I Skype an art session with my friend, A. On Monday, our schedules coincided, and I was able to take the two hour drive to A's house to have a face to face art session.

A lives in a cottage, and I just love her front door. So welcoming. A blue grey flagstone walk leads to a door that is out of Hobbiton. A also makes beautiful wreaths and arrangements. I loved the verdigris cone shaped container. Pink flowers, pink azaleas are so A.

I had such a good day spoiled with tea, a nice lunch, delicious goodies, chat, and art.


  1. i just read the last line :-D What I meant to say was, I had such a good day. I was spoiled with tea, a nice lunch, delicious goodies, chat and art. I did not mean to imply the day was spoiled because of these things. Note to self. Do a better job of proofreading

  2. Friends are the best! (I understood you post without the clarification. I wonder what that means?) ;)

    1. That we both need remedial English grammar classes?