Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Half A Cup

Himself had stopped at Whole Foods to pick up psyllium husk powder, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds so I could give The Life Changing Bread recipe a second attempt. He complained that he dropped 40 bucks on bird seed though I noticed on the receipt a charge for a chocolate fudge brownie and wintergreen mints which I never made it into the house.

I gathered all the ingredients and started mixing them up. I had done some reading on using flax feeds and found the seeds must be ground. The whole seeds will go through you like grease through a goose. The seeds are tiny. Teeny tiny. Readings suggested using a coffee grinder to grind the seeds. Good. I have a coffee grinder or rather, The Eldest has a coffee grinder. (She's the only one in the household that drinks coffee and while in college went on a fresh bean grinding kick). I dug out the coffee grinder, opened the box, and found the lid to the grinder was missing. The lid also contained the on/off switch so holding a plastic lid over the grinder wasn't going to work. Now what?

A few years back, Himself had gifted me with a mortar and pestle which had never been used in the laboratory and was taking up space. It took up space in my kitchen. A half cup doesn't seem like a huge amount until you have to grind microscopically small seeds by hand using a mortar an pestle. Holy Mary on the Prairie this bread better be worth the effort.

What did I learn? Get another coffee grinder, use flax meal, or buy a loaf of paleo bread.


  1. So how'd the bread come out?
    I had a lovely surprise waiting for me when I got home yesterday. Thanks so much, CJ.

    1. How'd the bread turn out? Tune in tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the little surprises.

  2. ......waiting on tenterhooks.........