Monday, May 19, 2014

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Predicted downpours during the Commencement exercise, cleared to brilliant sunshine. I was happy for the glorious day, but not prepared for sitting in the sunshine for a couple of hours. No sunblock so face, hands, neck turned to a rosy red.

At home, there was no aloe or after sun on hand to relieve the burn. I turned to the pantry for a jar of coconut oil. I had read an article that besides being a healthy fat to reduce cholesterol, coconut oil was also good as a moisturizer for skin and could take the sting out of sunburn and insect bites.

It worked. A little seems to go along way. The solid fat instantly melts when it comes in contact with warm skin, so it was very easy to apply. The feel was slightly greasy, but the sting was relieved.

The only downside was the coconut oil made me irresistible to Ink. I got lots of kitty kisses or maybe a taste test. I think I heard him making yummy sounds.

The best measure to prevent sunburn is to stay out of the sun or slather your skin with sunblock. Coconut oil seems to be effective for a minor burn or sting where the skin is pink or red. If the burn is more severe and the skin is blistered or broken, you would not want to rub coconut oil into the skin. Seek immediate medical attention for a more severe burn.


  1. Good info. I didn't know coconut oil could be used for minor sunburns. Too funny about Ink:) Congrats on getting 'the young one' graduated;)

  2. I'm sorry for your discomfort.....but....funny story! I can just imagine what Ink was thinking! She never smelled/tasted this good before..... :)