Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's Official

The Young One WPI Class of 2014
The Young One is edumacated. Seen here in the recessional armed with her degree, Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media and Game Development. She is wearing a mortarboard with propeller, Steampunk  goggles, and her graduated with distinction cord.

As Freshman, the students were given a beanie, part of the tradition of the school. The Young One loved the beanie and wore it everyday during Freshman year.

Sadly, could not find a suitable hat to wear during Sophomore year.

In her Junior year, I found a rainbow beanie with a red propeller and at an anime convention she found a pair of Steampunk goggles. These became her uniform for the last two years. So, the mortarboard had to have a propeller, and she wore the goggles. Otherwise, the faculty might not have recognized her. (-;

She is passing by the bronze statue of Gompei the Goat, the school mascot.

Well done, Young One. Well done.


  1. Liar :P I had the goggles before going to WPI but I decided to wear them about a term into sophomore year. I wore them all the way to Junior year and in Senior year only I added the propeller beanie, my homage to the freshman beanie which no longer being a freshman I felt was no longer appropriate to wear :P.

    1. Maintain low tones, Young One. Forgive an old woman for mixing up the time line.

    2. Bwahahaha, Young One, start a blog about dealing with your mother. Congratulations on graduating - and with distinction!!

    3. :-D She can call the blog Whine and Cheeze - The Next Generation.

  2. Way to go Young One! With distinction! (and congrats to you too CJ for survivng! LOL)

  3. Congrats to the Young One! I know you are one proud momma!