Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Robert Redford and the Winter Soldier

A little late to the party, we finally got a chance to see  Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  The storyline took a long time to develop. A little less time could have been spent on things blowing up.  The story was entertaining and predictable. No surprises, except legendary actor, Robert Redford, in a small, but crucial role. As usual, he was brilliant, and still has it as an old dude, though I wish he would stop dying his hair for a more natural look.

If you are planning to see the movie at theater, be sure to stay through the entire movie. The end credits are clever and reveal a surprise.

Have you seen the movie?


  1. Being a fan of distinguished grey hair, its a cause of some disappointment that Himself isn't going grey quickly enough! The dyed hair look only makes the faces look so much older.

  2. Haven't been to a theatre since the kids grew up!

  3. Good info. Love those brief clips after the ending....when I know they're there;)