Sunday, August 10, 2014


It started with Himself catching the end of the television show, Unwrapped. The show is a behind the scenes about popular foods. The bit Himself saw was about Fizzies, a flavored, seltzer tablet. Drop the tablet in a glass of water and make your own soda. We loved them as kids. Himself got all nostalgic and must have been talking to friends when he was told he could buy the tablets at The Christmas Tree Shoppe.

He  brought home a box of root beer and a box of grape flavored tablets. I admit I caught the nostalgia fever, and we were excited to introduce the girlies to a flash from our childhood. There was a huge build up as I poured out 4 glasses of water. We tore into the foil packet and dropped the tablet in the water. Plop! Fizz. Taste. Blech! Not as good as I remembered. Perhaps, this treat ought to remain in the past.

Did you ever have Fizzies?


  1. I've never had that...never even heard of it! But it sounds like something I would have loved as a kid!

  2. Nope, never heard of it. The kids had Pop Rocks that fizzed in your mouth...... :-/

  3. We used to take these to Girl Scout camp and as the ad suggested: "have a happy Fizzie party ". We did not use whole ones, because we were using metal cups from our mess kits. Those cups were not all that big. A whole Fizzie would have been too "strong" for us.