Thursday, September 25, 2014

Throwback Thursday, Face 26

A page with faces printed on it gave me the idea for Face nbr. 14. I drew the center face and added details to the faces on either side. Sharpie pen, acrylic, watercolor pencil.

I attended a parochial elementary school. Most of my school memories are from being in church rather than the classroom. We were always going to Mass, holy days of obligation, patron saint feast days, first Fridays, Stations of the Cross, helping Sister with the altar linens and decorating the altar with flowers...

In those olden days, women and girls were required to have their heads covered. Either you wore some sort of a hat or a lace mantilla. If you forgot your hat, Sister would give you a clean, facial tissue held in place with a bobby pin to wear to Mass. Oh the humiliation of sitting in church with piece of Kleenex on your head.


  1. Cute faces! (I don't know WHAT to say about a Kleenex on your head....)

    1. About all you can say is Bless. or Bless her heart. (-;