Sunday, May 3, 2015

Full Moon

Oh, no! It's a full moon tonight. Full Flower Moon, Full Milk Moon, Full Mother's Moon. Full Corn Planting Moon. What ever you call it the crazies will be coming out of the woodwork.

We're going out today to look for a new recliner for Himself's birthday. Taking our life in our hands as we drive to the furniture store. Crazies cutting us off in traffic trying to kill us. Lane changing at the drop of a hat without using a turn signal. Tailgating. Right-hand turns from a left-hand lane. Wait, those driving tactics aren't the effect of the full moon. Just driving life in Massachusetts.


  1. Crazy drivers in MA too, huh? It's a scary world out there.
    Happy Bday to Himself. Hope you found the perfect recliner. They are wondrous:)

    1. Himself's birthday is next week. We found a recliner he really liked. I was able to get it in the fabric I hoped would wear well in the sun room. (Fabric is called Sunbrella). Chair will arrive close to Father's Day. We hope.

  2. You think it's bad in Massachusetts? Try down here in the land of the 'blue hairs'! lol