Friday, January 15, 2016

The Friday Five Good Things

Five good things that happened this week.

1. Continued watching the anime, Blue Exorcist, with The Eldest. Interesting story. Can the Rin,the son of Satan, prove he's not evil. Entertaining teen angst. 

2. Picked the Young One up from the airport after a weekend trip to Ohio to visit a friend. Flight delayed only a half an hour due to weather. Himself even found a spot in a free cellphone lot where he could wait.

3. Had the hardware installed for the first part of my bionic tooth. All went well. Very little swelling, little discomfort, no pain, and no reaction to the antibiotic. Have to wait 6 mos for part 2.

4. The new diffuser for the essential oils arrived. This one is beautiful as well as functional. It's also larger so will cover almost half of the first floor, and was on sale.

5. I didn't win the lottery, but had a dream about my dad. That was my prize. In the dream, Dad was standing outside the BMW of Natick car dealership and was in a television commercial. The interview was a kind of man on the street. Dad must have been on his way to Donlan's grocery store when he was stopped for the interview. Dad was wearing his favorite, ratty, long sleeve, blue sweater/shirt and a baseball cap. Dad never left the house without a hat.

Himself and I were watching television when the commercial came on. I was excited and yelled, "That's Dad! I have to text The Brother."

How was your week?


  1. Six months for part two?????? :-/ Oh dear!

  2. What a wonderful dream. So glad you had it.