Monday, February 8, 2016

Je Suis Prêt

Started filling up the water buckets when the electricity came back on after the last storm. Now that I've gone through the ritual of filling the buckets, we won't have any problems.

Himself went out yesterday to get gas for the generator to keep the sump pump singing. We'll also be able to run the microwave and keep cell phones charged. Though because he went through this ritual, we won't have any problems. I'm not complaining.

The college made the close announcement early last night so we didn't have to set the alarm to get up early to milk the chickens. The Eldest is taking night classes and her college closed, too.  Everyone will be safe at home today.

I hope this Winter isn't a repeat of last Winter. We didn't get much snow until the end of January and then we had block buster storms every weekend in February until we racked up 9 feet of snow.

After this storm, I won't empty the water buckets until Winter is over. I'm ready.


  1. So far, the storm hasn't lived up to the hype. Knock wood. On the first shovel go around, Himself said maybe 3 inches on the ground, but it's still snowing. Didn't come down as hard or deep at the Fri. storm. And didn't lose electricity. Knock wood. (-:

  2. SNOW DAYS!!!!! I remember them fondly! The digging out, not so much.... :(