Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lucky Cat

I purchased a fountain for the zensical garden, but in order to get free shipping I had to purchase an extra item, or two. I was charmed by the maneki-neko, the Lucky Cat, so that became part of the purchase, too.

The little cat is a plastic, solar-powered figurine that waves or beckons. In Japanese tradition, the figures are used in businesses and are supposed to bring good fortune and luck to the establishment. Their popularity has grown and the little kitty is now seen in homes. If you're interested, you can read the lore about Maneki-neko.

While Himself and I were out shopping, I stuck my hand in my pocket.

Me: Hey, I found a dime!

Himself: Wow, your lucky cat is really working.


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  2. LOL on the hubby's comment.
    I trust kitty brings you barrelfuls of luck and other good stuff.

  3. LOL The boys have a blessings cat in their apartment! I'm for anything that works! :D