Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What Not To Do

You don't go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, but who knew you didn't go to the movies on Father's Day?

Himself had requested an outing to see X-Men Apocalypse and take-out seafood from Harry's. A very do-able request. We decided to see the movie in Framingham and hit Harry's on the way home.

The theater parking lot was quite full and a bit of a line at the ticket booth. Grown ups had little kids in tow so I thought everyone was going to see Dory. There seemed to be lots of discussions happening at the ticket window. We wondered if people couldn't decided what movie they wanted to see. I heard John Pinette scream "Get outta the line!"

Finally our turn to get tickets. The theater was full! There were a couple of seats left. Mostly in the the front row and not together. Guess everyone takes Dad to the movies for Father's Day. Or Mom takes the kids while Dad goes golfing, fishing, or some other Dad activity with the fellas. We left.

Himself called our Harry's order in from the parking lot (2 fish and chips, 1 belly plate (me), 1 scallop plate (Himself). We picked up the order and got Raspberry Lime Rickeys for me and the girlies and a coffee frappe for Himself. Then spent the rest of the afternoon/evening in the sun room binge watching Chuck. 


  1. Who'd a thought.
    The HH's wasn't exactly epic:(

  2. Who knew?? Sounds like plan 'B' was better anyway. ;)