Saturday, June 11, 2016

When It Rains, It Pours Money

We had attended The Nephew's wedding and when we got home found ceiling tiles in the basement buckled and dripping water. There was a bit of water in the washer drum so I did a spin cycle and everything seemed fine. Tossed in a load of towels and that cycle seemed to function ok. The Eldest went to take a shower and when she got out of the bathroom she said the washer lights were off, but the washer was filling up with water! Either the washer/dryer was missing the old well tank, the bathroom was jealous the utility room got new equipment, or the washer was haunted.

A call to the repair service hinted that the repair would cost nearly half the amount of a new washer. The dryer has been on the fritz for a while and only the timed dry function actually dries the clothes. Both machines were 10 years old so we decided to buy a new set.

The criteria was easy. I wanted a Maytag (my first lasted 20 years. Ma had one that lasted 30) and delivered quickly. On Thursday last week, I went to one of the big box stores and purchased the Maytag. They would deliver it on Monday. When Himself got home from work, he suggested we go looking at a few other department stores. One didn't carry Maytags and the other didn't have a machine any less expensive than what I had already purchased. We went out to dinner and then Himself suggested we try the other big box store.

They had a Maytag, and they could deliver it on Saturday. Sold! The following day I called the first big box store to cancel my order. Saturday, the washer and dryer were delivered earlier than expected. Hopefully, this now appeases the water sprites.


  1. I hope you have better luck with yours than I have had with mine. (I have come to despise Maytag!)