Monday, August 8, 2016

Watts Gnu??

Apparently, Google is no longer supporting Picasa Web Alburms where Google blog pictures were stored. Now, Google has a new feature Google photos, another photo cloud feature. Picasa support ended in May. Yeah, I'm behind the times.

Picasa Web Albums are still available as Photo Album Archive in Google Photos. That's good because I sometime recycle images for the blog.

So, I somehow arrived at a download for Google Photo program which will back up photos from designated folders on my computer. Ok, that's cool. All the photos got uploaded by date. A nice feature. And somehow the program automatically changed my default browser from Chrome to FireFox. Not cool, but easily fixed.

Checking out some features from collage and animation to see if they can be easily installed as images on the blog.

Not impressed with the collage feature as it only allows 2 to 9 images. You don't get a choice as to how you want to arrange the collage. There are no templates to choose from. Just a window pane.

Not impressed with the animation feature. Multiple pictures can be choosen, but no control over speed of animation and no fancy, fun transitions.


  1. What? No fun transitions. That's not right.

  2. I've never been impressed with the way Google handles pictures/animations for our blogs. :(