Saturday, October 15, 2016

Do You Remember

your childhood telephone number? I remember quite a few telephone numbers. I think it's a savant thing.

Before we had all numbers, exchanges (the first 2 numbers had a name) followed by a number. I grew up in Natick. The exchange was Olympic, OL for short or 65 and then a 3 or a 5.

My childhood home: Olympic 3 - 5346
Himself's childhood home (next door to mine) Olympic 5 - 0378
Childhood friend from parochial school: Olympic 3 - 0824

My Grandma and Ma's sister, Auntie, lived in East Boston. The exchange name was Logan.

Auntie: Logan 9 - 1918
Grandma: Logan 7 - 4784

My godmother lived in Roslindale. I forget the exchange name but the number was FA3- 8491

I even remember the phone number jingle for a carpet cleaning comany. I don't remember the name of the cleaning company, but the jingle goes:

How many cookies did Andrew eat?
Andrew ate eight thousand.
How do you keep your carpets neat?
Call Andrew 8 -8000

Told you it was a savant thing.

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  1. LOL Clever jingle! I don't remember my home phone number (we moved too many times) but I remember my best friend's number from stayed the same until she died last year.