Saturday, January 13, 2018


Himself was reading How Does Your Garden Grow from last week. One particular image caught his eye.

Himself: You know you had the yardstick in upside-down.

Me: No.

Himself: Yes.

Me: I got the yardstick and compared it to the image. OH! So instead of reporting 22 1/2 inches of snow, there were really only 13 1/2 inches of snow. (But it felt like 2 feet while shoveling!) Now, the error might have been a left-handed problem. Or just rushing to take the measurement and photo before my fingers froze and fell off  in the sub-zero temperature. Or English Major. You do the math.

Well, no one else noticed. No one commented on it.

He walked away shaking his head, and I heard him scoff: Artists!

It was good for a laugh and reminded me of a joke I heard on a local radio station just that week. The Loren and Wally Morning Show on radio station WROR has a skit called Men From Maine.

As I remember hearing: Lem and his friend, Ephus are working at the sawmill when the foreman calls them over and tells them he wants them to measure the height of the flagpole. They get a tape measure and a ladder and are standing looking at the flagpole trying to figure out the best way to get the job done.

Lem says to Ephus: You take the end of the tape measure and climb the ladder against the flagpole. I'll hold the other end of the tape.

Ephus: I don't know, Lem. That looks awfully high.

Just  then, one of the sawmill engineers comes by: Whatcha fellas doin?

Lem: The foreman wants us to measure the height of the flagpole.

Engineer: Well, that's not how you do it. Here. He lowers the flagpole to the ground. Hands one end of the tape to Lem, walks with the other  end of the tape to the top of the flagpole and takes the measure. That's 37 1/2 feet.

Ephus nods his head and Lem smiles at the engineer.

Lem: Thanks.

The engineer walks off.

Lem: Smarty pants engineer. Thinks he know everything.

Ephus: I know! We need the height of the flagpole, and he gives us the width!


  1. I also have problems with measuring and maths. Good story with the flagpole! Hugs, Valerie

  2. LOL I never heard that one!
    PS Math isn't's all sleight of hand and magic tricks....just sayin'...... ;)

    1. :-D Himself would be disgusted with you, too. =^,.^=

  3. It felt like 22 inches of snow for sure. Ofcourse an inch feels like a lot sometimes so even though there is a difference between 22 and 13, you made your point. It didn't have to be literal. You made your point. :) (Although lots technical guys and lots of technical girls get that way.) Happy saturday. hugs-Erika

    1. Himself, a chemist and a mathlete, is one of those technical guys. :-D

  4. Any snowfall over thirteen inches counts as twenty-two in my book:)
    Stay warm.

  5. I was a math and statistics major in a previous life, and even I didn't catch it! I bet it felt like 22 inches when you were shoveling it!

    I got a laugh out of the funny, too. Width, indeed.

    1. It sure felt like 2 feet of snow. The Men from Maine skits are always a good laugh

  6. That's a lot of snow - brrrr! I was video calling with my friend in Maine and she showed me how deep the snow is too, amazing 😁. So funny about your hubby and the joke too 😉. Glad to see the snow is nearly gone (for now at least 😁). Happy weekend! J 😊

  7. I love that joke! LOL!
    You still had alot of snow!! I'm not good at math either. When I ask my brother about something, he gets so frustrated, he walks off too! LOL!